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2014 Adoption Event Schedule

Because our schedule has become somewhat irregular, we’ll be posting events here as they are scheduled. Please feel free to come out and meet a few of our adoptable critters. If you have questions about the animals that will be in attendance, please e-mail us. Thanks!

Next Event:

Sunday, January 12th, 2014 from noon to 3 PM at the Round Lake Beach Petco

sophie newest 2

Sophie says: “Come and meet me there!”


Petropolis Adoptions is a Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Ambassador organization. Please visit the Rally to Rescue website for more information on how this program helps us do more for pets!

News and Updates

Just a quick post to apologize for our lack of adoption events lately and the delay in updating the website to reflect this fact. As a smaller organization with only a handful of volunteers, life has a way sometimes of thwarting our best-laid plans; despite this, however, we are very sorry if anyone has been looking for us at the McHenry Petco recently and found us absent! In any case, we hope to be resuming a more regular event schedule in the new year, including events at the Round Lake Beach Petco again, and will do our best to keep the site updated with current event information.

In other news, we have recently passed the 500 mark for pets adopted since our inception – that’s 500 dogs and cats that have found loving homes thanks to our efforts! At the moment, due to a lack of long-term kitty foster homes and several permanent feline residents, we have scaled back our cat adoptions, but our dog adoptions are still going strong. Take a look at our “Adoptable Pets” listing to see who’s currently waiting to become a happily-ever-after story!

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